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I have years of experience in helping people just like you. People find it easy to talk to me about their problems, and find that they receive warm and open acceptance. Chances are, you feel bad enough about having these problems – the last thing you need is someone else judging and criticising you for something you're struggling with.

Image: Tim Hill

Whether you see me individually or part of a couple, I help you sort out your life and get you back on track. When working with you, a key part of this approach is understanding. This involves getting clear about where you are coming from and the difficulties you are experiencing, and the changes you are looking to make.

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A typical counselling session typically starts with you giving an update of what has happened since the previous session. From there, we focus in on what is currently most relevant for you to talk about. Along the way, I might ask you some questions in order to clarify my understanding, but it’s more typical that our discussions will be an exploration of your current difficulties and what you might do about them.

Image: Tim Hill

My intention is to remain a psychotherapist in private practice for the rest of my working life. I find helping people and watching them make changes very interesting and personally rewarding, and I am dedicated to supporting and working with people in their efforts to overcome their difficulties.

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Unsure about whether counselling with me is right for you or have a question? Maybe you can find an answer in my Frequently Asked Questions!

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