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  1. Rebecca Roberts 06.06.2020 at 05:20

    Hi Tim, I would love to connect with you whether by email or something because I would love the opportunity to share my thoughts on your stuff you have shared for a couple of reasons that would mean a lot to me. And just reading this on silence really really resonated with me on so many levels and is so inline with what I have been writing about lately due to being a commercial fishermen that got landlocked unexpectedly 4.5mths ago when I shattered my ankle. I have been journaling and writing my whole life and have always been aware of thinking differently, due to things I’ve been through and experienced and apparently aspergers but I’m just trying now to find a voice and the confidence to do something with my writing and what kind of platform I could use as I’m not sharing knowledge whether it be learnt, sought out or acquired from experience, it’s just my thoughts really. But I believe I have something to say that people may find relatable. I would really appreciate any insight you may have in what I’m trying to get brave enough to share thoughts I’ve ne tg let get past my journals. And some insight into whether I’m even on the right track with how I relate to things. This is a link to how I see the silence can sometimes be what you need. It took me days to get the courage to press post when I wrote that.
    Kind regards Rebecca

  2. 06.06.2020 at 18:05

    Hi Rebecca, I’m not sure I can suggest anything specific, but certainly – if you feel that strong desire to write and share, I encourage you to do that!

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