[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Here are some frequently asked questions. I have prepared lengthy answers to the three big questions I get asked by people interested in working with me, namely ‘can you help me?', ‘how will you help me?' and ‘how long will it take?'. However, the short answers are 1) most likely – let’s meet and find out, 2) by working out with you what you need, and 3) depends on lots of factors – let’s discuss it further.

Other questions you might have include:

Q. What do you charge?

My session fees are detailed on this page.


Q. Are your fees rebateable?

My fees may be rebatable through your Private Health Insurance, so check with them to see if they cover ‘Counselling'. Other people may find my fees tax deductible – please refer to your tax agent or the Australian Taxation Office.


Q. Where are you located?

I practice at two locations. The first of these is the AKM Centre in Richmond with a number of other colleagues, including psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. You can find the AKM Centre at:

The AKM Centre, Suite 11, 24 Tanner Street, Richmond

It is situated very close to Richmond railway station, and only two minutes walk from both Swan Street and Hoddle Street.

I also have a second practice at 36 Gap Road in Sunbury, where I share a building with some very friendly allied health practitioners.

Further details are provided here.


Q. Do you use CBT?

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) when appropriate. I use it because it can be effective for some problems including anxiety and depression. However, there is strong evidence that other techniques can be just as effective – it depends on what you respond to best. For each person I do an individual treatment plan that takes into account the person's needs, personality and expectations. It is all about matching the technique to the individual – not forcing the client to adapt to the technique.


Q. What hours do you work?

Because people work different hours, I have appointments available for clients on weekdays from late morning to mid-evening.


Q. Do you offer a free consultation?

I don't charge for the initial consultation. Psychotherapy is such a personal thing and it is important that that you and I are comfortable working with other. I find it useful to spend the first session understanding what problems you would like to work with. Then we can explore how we might do this and to answer any questions you have about the process. Some clients come for this initial consultation, find it isn’t what they were looking for and choose not to continue.


Q. Is there free parking close by?

Free 1 and 2 hour parking is available close by to where I practice, on either Tanner Street (1 hour) or Stewart Street (2 hour).


Q. Is there disabled access?

The AKM centre has lift access but the access door to the street can be a little heavy – let me know if you will need help.


Q. What are your qualifications?

I have a Master of Counselling and a Graduate Certificate of Mental Health Practice from the University of New England, a Bachelor of Business from RMIT, and a Clinical Diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy with the Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy.


Q. What professional associations do you belong to?

I am a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.


Q. Do you see children/ adolescents?

I don't see adolescents or children because it isn't my area of expertise – but I can recommend psychotherapists who do.


Q. Do you see couples?

I do work with couples, and am comfortable working with all gender combinations. Here's some information about the work I do with couples.


Q. Are you close to public transport?

Richmond station is only 2 minutes walk from where I practice – this station is a major stop on most of Melbourne's eastern train routes. I am also within walking distance of tram route 70 (Swan Street), route 48 or 75 (Bridge Road) and route 78 or 79 (Church Street).


Q. Is your work properly supervised?

As with most other private practitioners, I have an on-going supervisory relationship with a more highly experienced psychotherapist. This is standard industry practice for psychotherapists. The supervisor will not know enough about you for your identity to be exposed.

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