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  1. Kevin Manley 11.01.2019 at 05:48

    Very good Tim. You have easily explained what is simply complex. Common sense approaches and mapping out complex reasoning are both attempts at coping with (un)easiness, Yes? Now consider, at any given moment I could conceivably convince myself of anything, IF…I am good enough…at convincing that is. If what I want is to simply feel better, then go there. If I can. Here then is the irony. Have I already become convinced that I am “not” feeling good? So then, am I masterfully skilled at some kind of magical thinking? Perhaps this is where we all gain our trust. Perhaps it is also where we learn our own (mis)trust. Which one of “me” shall I believe then? Thank You Tim for contributing to our on-going learning. It is not only “what we learn,” perhaps more profoundly subtle, it is “how” we learn…in healthy and unhealthy ways. I AM LEARNED ~ Kevin Manley

  2. Tim Hill 14.01.2019 at 12:21

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for your kind words. You do raise interesting points about our ‘distance’ from reality as well as multiple aspects of our personalities. The combination of these makes it doubly difficult to know reality in a way that is unambiguous. Sometimes the best we can do is to try, through our imperfect subjectivity to make meaningful contact with another imperfect subjectivity and to feel that something is shared by us.

    All the best,


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