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  1. Nicole Hind 03.03.2017 at 12:14

    Hi Tim, I love the idea of wanting to feel more. Actually many people are trying to do this- people who arrive at counselling with me- to feel something ‘in the moment’ and not have a huge lag between an event and the emotion. We are taught in so many areas of our lives not to feel (and we certainly train children out of feeling, which is a big problem as we then disconnect from our gut instincts). When we feel properly in the moment and stop being afraid of feeling, then anxiety is lessened and anger becomes a feeling rather than something taking hold of us. In terms of practical advice, i’m certainly going to follow your step-by-step and see how it flows (I haven’t heard of opening your mouth slightly, interesting!). Thank you!

  2. Tim Hill 03.03.2017 at 19:30

    Hi Nicole, thanks for you comments. I think you make a great point here – that by learning to feel more, you can also be less affected by your emotions; this means some relief from believing that your uncontrolled emotions are going to swamp you or drive you mad. This is a big fear for people, rarely consciously understood. It’s the same effect that some strive for when they try to reduce what they feel, but comes at it from an entirely different direction. Unfortunately, this path of allowing-feeling-to-manage-feeling is a longer, slower path.

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