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  1. Clinton 09.02.2018 at 14:17

    I really like the message of this blog post, Tim. I agree we need to stop thinking of emotions as negative and positive, but just as emotions that have a place and purpose. I love the work of Paul Ekman too. In our PACT training with Dr. Stan Tatkin, we did his expression identification exercise, which is on his website. It’s a lot of fun trying to identify an emotion after seeing it for half a second, but also very helpful for correctly identifying emotions in our clients.

  2. Tim Hill 09.02.2018 at 17:16

    Thanks Clinton – indeed, our fear of what we feel is something that can set us up for a difficult existence. Rather, if we can find ways to bear the things we find uncomfortable to feel, the things that we can do becomes much expanded. As always, the goal is to step towards integration and acceptance rather than attempting to destroy the parts of ourselves that we find unacceptable.

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