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  1. SpeakingTree 29.05.2022 at 04:00

    This would only make sense to those who don’t realize that it’s irrational to disregard any data as important as feelings. Rationality is not one sided as this article suggests. It is all encompassing. If you are disregarding emotion, you aren’t rational in the first place.

  2. Tim Hill 14.07.2022 at 06:46

    Yes, you make a good point here – like you say, it isn’t as black and white as I have depicted here; there are lots of shades of grey. Still, I hope you found what I said thought provoking. – Tim

  3. Rik van den Reijen 18.07.2022 at 17:47

    Thanks for the interesting insights :). I naturally always have the urge to (over) analyze a situation. Taking some of the principles here into account will likely help me make better decisions.

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