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  1. Mary Ann 08.06.2018 at 05:02

    Hi Tim:
    I posted on your “Thinking About the Past” blog. Just wanted to say that I take comfort and hope in your comment that “change is possible even when you don’t know how to change, when things seem hopeless or when the odds are stacked against you”. So many days I feel like the odds are stacked against me and that things are hopeless. I recently experienced something that caused me great embarrassment and humiliation and am struggling to move past it. Other than that, I am blessed with a wonderful life. I am working with a therapist on making peace with the past as I am a terrible ruminator and it is causing me great distress and affecting my life in so many ways. I wish I lived near you as you sound like a wonderful therapist. I also liked when you said “Therapy is designed to help us live for tomorrow, despite what happened yesterday.” So true….if only I could stop ruminating!
    Thank you for making me feel like there is hope.
    Mary Ann

  2. Tim Hill 08.06.2018 at 06:26

    Hi Mary Ann, I’m very pleased that what I have written has been of help for you, and thanks for you kind words. The feeling that that things are hopeless and with the odds stacked against you sounds like a very difficult place to be. Even though things are difficult, I am glad that you are in the hands of a therapist, and really hope that they can gradually help you to ruminate less and get beyond this event in the past. One of the blessings of time is that it slowly floats us downstream, away from our unpleasant memories, a little further everyday. All the best for the future.

  3. Mary Ann 08.06.2018 at 07:11

    Thank you. Yes, I have definitely found what you have said about time being true….it does definitely float us downstream and away from unpleasant memories a little further every day. Your words have spoken volumes to me and will help me on my journey to healing…thank you.

  4. Glyn 30.08.2022 at 18:43

    Hi Tim
    I have only just seen your blog . I
    have realised that I am ruminating a lot recently and it’s blotting my future . I am at an age where I feel time is running out and I am grieving over not having found the love of my life .Well I did but but unfortunately the relationships became untenable . I know find myself going over and over these relationships saying “ what if “ One can feel lonely even if people are around .. and that’s how I feel.
    It’s the feeling every morning of loneliness , cooking for one , sitting alone in the evenings.
    I still work part time so that’s fills a few hours and I walk and walk with my dogs and potter out the garden to fill my hours … if I sit quietly I go back to ruminating and feel myself being dragged under again ..
    People say in life all you need is love ..and I feel
    sad I haven’t .

    Do you do more blogs as I found the one I read very comforting .

    Than you

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