1. Rebecca Roberts 06.06.2020 at 03:33

    Hi Tim, thank you for your knowledge and insight on this. Thank you for writing it I such a way it was easily relatable in today’s world. Especially right now with the hatred and anger and violence we are seeing people use to facilitate change, I truly believe even though the insight you shared is more on a personal level it is just as relevant to how I’ve seen the world for a long time, and not because im pessimistic or anything probably bcoz I’m the quite the opposite and I think that can at times make the hatred and anger in people more apparent. I believe in turning pain into anger, anger into motivation and motivation in to success which I look at the same way you explained turning anger into empowerment. But I’ve always considered anger a reaction not an emotion. It’s a reaction to a primary feeling whether that be pain, abandonment, hurt, fear, rejection etc. I would call it a secondary feeling more easily then I would call it an emotion. From what I interpreted from your words, which believe me come from a lot more kowledge, study, and experience with in your chosen profession then me (i’m a fishermen) you explained it as a primary emotion eventually making way for other emotions to take it’s place? Am I look at it completely wrong? I would appreciate your insight into my thoughts as I spend a lot of time at sea for sometimes a few months and I do a lot of writing and journaling and time just being peaceful without the clutter of an angry world that’s getting angrier and louder by the day and I hope that gives me more of an opportunity to think about my place in the world when your distanced from it. But I would really be grateful for your insight to why I could see it quite differently, like I said I completely see what your saying but now concerned I either didn t interpret it correctly or I’m way off the mark in how I see things???
    Kiibn regards, Rebecca

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